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10 amazing fact of ameritas dental

ameritas dental holy is that what I look like with heat this whole time oh my god I also came I I would never thought they made that ameritas dental big of a difference I really yeah I didn’t think so either I really didn’t you look years younger we’re going to test.

Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance

The teeth now are you sure yeah yeah we’re sure hey you won right this will be the most challenging piece of food I would ever eat with these it’s hard for you to know how yeah they’re into it let me go for it look at that whoa okay we’re so small bite because I’m nervous though too so take it easy yeah look at the hole in that Apple now hold that up.

My work Jarrett yo this is it there’s no where we say our goodbyes I know my smile looks like your smile look at this dude it wins yeah okay you’re way more handsome fuck dude for those of you who are watching this right now if you don’t.

You guys don’t realize this Jarrett is the person who’s been my go-between during this entire thing from the very first moment to literally right now where I’m about to pack up the go get on a plane this man even carried me through the surgery held.

My hand during surgery I couldn’t have done this without you dude I can’t I got to thank you I while I appreciate that I am a very very very small role you got to think like dr. Anderson Kelsi Carlos doctor gulp oh the entire Dallas team those are the people .

Who actually have their hands inside my body yes oh one more person to think a to more Steve you oh yeah who is filming a version of this he’ll be able to see on Diamond Dallas Page his channel yeah and of course Diamond Dallas Page.

Without him without him coming in a lie or years ago and making the decision to help me get my back straight give me moving again getting me moving towards gastric bypass surgery and now even helping me replace the teeth in my face Dallas I’m sorry it took so long to remind people that you play such a huge role in my life but