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Fully Utilize Dentistry Insurance To Enhance Your Business.

Yourself in a  vendor shoes because there are  gatekeepers that are equally effective  at the insurance companies that will prevent you from getting to the  negotiators but the objective of the initial negotiating letter is that it  needs to be powerful enough for it to reach the actual person that will do the  negotiating for you one thing I mentioned about the doctor title and the reason why the doctor getting involved  in the negotiating process works and simply because most doctors don’t negotiate for dental practices that have attempted to negotiate almost ninety  nine percent of the time it’s the front office staff members that have initiated a negotiating process and nothing against front office staff members for  an office staff members can be key and effective and assisting during the negotiating process but the doctor title is important the because at the end of the day

If you are  already contracted with that insurance company ultimately it’s your responsibility to negotiate the fees if you’re looking at contract with an insurance company you’ll get more  respect when it comes to fee schedule negotiations if you get involved in the process the question is is being able to set aside time during your busy schedule to get involved in this process here are  some real statistics of doctors that we’ve tracked that we’ve worked with that we’ve coached staff members have a twelve percent success rate with negotiating with at least one ppl and that twelve percent of effective staff  members get increases anywhere from two to five percent doctors

That we’ve worked with one hundred percent of them are successful negotiating with at least one PPO and the increases are far greater than what the staff members have  received and you’re looking at ten to forty percent increased fees when the doctor gets involved that is the real key for success for solo practitioners is that you have to get involved in the negotiating process you have to answer the calls you have to respond to the  emails you have to send the letters