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How To Get Renaissance Dental Without Any Reson

All Renaissance Dental strategist they come up with their own new rules and then we did it again this time we flip the people now Renaissance Dental .

The belay is going to go up blindfolded and the other person but anyway they’re the same team .

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental

They just scurried to the top and so when we were all done and we had a winner and and we came down and we were talking about.

What we had learned from that I got a letter about a month later that said that exercise and what.

We learned from it and what we committed to because of it has changed everything in our practice in terms of our culture and how .

We relate to one another when the going gets tough when the you know when .

When it heats up the stress levels go up we’re different now because of that because of that break and so we ended the day and what as we always do.

With some sort of celebratory you see there a toast or sometimes there’s a dinner or you know whatever .

The client wants to do but but some sort of a celebratory piece that celebrates what we accomplished.

That day but also celebrates the future this new future that we’re getting ready to embark upon and it’s just those days are so.

instrumental and gaining clarity and inspiring people rebinding the team helping them have?

  • A breakthrough and these behavioral kinds of things and just really kicking off this new months that often is very different than .
  • the twelve months previous and so I do it with my team every year and .
  • our clients do it every year and they have just been fantastic so it doesn’t have to be physical things like that.
  • I mean we can create non-physical exercises that are just as impact if the team is not into you know climbing a rock.
  • wall but but just it can be any I just wanted to kind of point out it can be as creative as you want it to be and .
  • it can be somewhere local to you so that it’s not super expensive and doesn’t require you know overnight stays.
  • I mean sometimes people fly their teams out here to go to the Wild Animal Park and that’s .
  • What they want to do but it doesn’t have to be that way it can be to something well going so just I’m just really .

we’re just loving doing these and we see the impact that it’s having and they’re just ?

They’ve just been really terrific days for these practices so I just wanted to share that and I would love to offer your listeners.

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The way to have an effect on the speed at Renaissance Dental  which a case can be treated is to have an effect on the rate that the bone Renaissance Dental remodels that’s our goal so we do have decades of research that have been refined into a simple technique.

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental

Here so what started Renaissance Dental out as a Vulcan onyx a big heavy periodontal I see a surgery which can benefit patients who need periodontal dosshouse surgery as well as orthodontics that’s a wonderful choice for them but when you don’t require or need .

Periodontal dosshouse surgery as part of your treatment planning then using micro stereo perforations becomes a simple comfortable and easy way to provide some rapid tooth movement all right so basically.

We’re taking that dense bone the patient walks in to be treated and you know how those teeth feel if we’re dealing wth normal healthy alveolar structure.

The teeth are rigid the patients that we’re working on don’t really have an initial mobility of their teeth outside of normal so these are rigid fixed teeth and basically.

What happens there is we’re by wounding the bone softening the bone and making that bone remodel faster so we introduce a greater level of orthodontic mobility to the area.

While we’re remodeling that bone to move the teeth at a faster pace so basically what we’re doing here is looking at increasing the rate of the tooth movement.

Two to threefold so if we include micro-st or perforation as a technique we would expect to have at average a reduction of half of the treatment time and so in the early days which early days for me are about five and a half years ago .