Tips about Humana dental

The run around because they Humana dental don’t have authorization to speak with you well that agreement give you authorization to speak with them specifically about the repair process so.

I encourage you that whenever you dosing up a new client just immediately email .

That agreement like if it’s State Farm for example I would send that to

State Farm Fire claims at State Farm com with the claim number in the subject line and nothing else no dashes nothing else to whom it may concern .

We have been hired as the general contractor to perform all repairs that are prescribed by this claim attached is our signed agreement I would also add to.

That again you’ve probably heard me talk about this before is that there are some insurance companies and State Farm happens to be one of them who

Will release the recoverable depreciation as long as long as it’s not for PWI items which is paid when incurred so like Building Code upgrade items as long as it’s not for.

PWI items they actually will release the recoverable depreciation before the job actually built so upfront as long as a contractor has been hired and the

way to prove that a contractor has been hired obviously is to submit that agreement to the insurance company but so that’s one purpose of you sending .

that agreement but then the other purpose of course is that there should be on the claim file that the contractor has already been hired so when you’re sending estimates you know .

they can’t call up the client say hey we want you to go get more estimates – more estimates or three more